Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, and the only one that can truly be described as unique. Each building is a work of art, with their beauty enhanced when reflected on the canals that cross the city. Its magical scenery is fascinating and breathtaking at first sight, evoking the feeling of entering the setting of a real-life fairy tale.

   Any city crossed by canals or with colorful buildings sitting on the water's edge wants to be associated with the image of one the world's most beautiful city, Venice. Beauty of Italy's Venice is unrivalled and the entire city is one work of art. It's also one of the few cities in the world that can be described as truly unique, where main streets are canals, there are no cars or traffic jams, and the mixture of Renaissance, Byzantine, Gothic, and Baroque architecture leaves anyone wondering if this magical cityscape is real at all.

   The heavenly atmosphere is then enhanced by the carnival mask shops, romantic gondola rides, and colorful palazzos. Everywhere in Venice you can find a postcard image of this unequalled urban masterpiece. You'll fall in love at first sight and will stand in awe of its architecture, piazzas, and canal views until the very last minute before you leave. Venice also has designer shops, sophisticated bars, classy restaurants, galleries, and other tempting attractions to go indoors, but nothing can prevent you from going back to standing by a canal admiring the spectacular city ever created, over and over again.