Most Beautiful Drives

Rank 1: Transfagarasan, Romania

Transfagarasan, Romania

   The Transfăgărășan is the second highest paved road in Romania, and the most beautiful drive in the world. Built as a strategic military route by the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu between 1970 and 1974, Transfagarasan connects the historic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia, and the cities of Sibiu and Pitesti. The Transfagarasan represents 90 km of twists, turns and hairpin bends which run North to South across the...

Rank 2: San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

   San Bernardino Pass is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps connecting the town of Hinterrhein and the Mesolcina (Misox). It is one of the most beautiful drives in the world that passes through the mountains and deep valleys. Located in the far eastern side of the Western Alps it is not to be confused with the Great St. Bernard Pass and the Little St. Bernard Pass.

  The pass is located at an elevation of 2,065 meters....

Rank 3: The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, UAE

The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, UAE

   Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is a road on Jebel Hafeet mountain primarily in the United Arab Emirates on the outskirts of Al Ain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The mountain actually straddles part of the border with Oman. The mountain rises 1249 meters and offers an impressive view over the city. Jebel Hafeet was a well-known landmark throughout history and is a contemporary tourist attraction.

  The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road...

Rank 4: Stelvio Pass, Italy

Stelvio Pass, Italy

   The Stelvio Pass is located in Italy, at 2757 metres (9045 feet), it is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, and the second highest in the Alps, slightly below the Col de l'Iseran (2770 metres, 9088 feet). The road connects the Valtellina with the upper Adige valley and Meran.

  The Stelvio Pass is one of the most beautiful drives in the world, It is one of the best continuous hairpin routes in the world and...

Rank 5: Route 1, California

Route 1, California

   State Route 1 (SR 1) is a major north-south state highway that runs along most of the Pacific coastline of California, USA. Route 1 is considered the most beautiful drive in the United States. Varied scenery of the Pacific Ocean from the Route 1 makes it a major attraction for tourists who visit California.

  The highway is famous for running along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the USA, leading to its designation...

Rank 6: Red Rock Scenic Byway, USA

Red Rock Scenic Byway, USA

   State Route 179 (SR 179) is well known as the Red Rock Scenic Byway, a north-south state highway in Arizona, USA. In 2006, the US Department of Transportation awarded SR 179 its highest designation within the National Scenic Byways Program: the All-American Road, due to the spectacular red rock and sandstone formations through which it travels. The All-American Road designation also signifies to the travelling public that this is a road that is...

Rank 7: Leh-Manali Highway, India

Leh-Manali Highway, India

   The Leh-Manali Highway is a highway in northern India connecting Leh-Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir state and Manali in Himachal Pradesh state. It is considered the most beautiful drive in India. It is open only when the snow is cleared by the Border Roads Organisation of the Indian army in May or June, and closed mid-October when snowfall again blocks the high passes.

  The Leh-Manali Highway crosses some of the highest...

Rank 8: Trollstigen, Norway

Trollstigen, Norway

   Trollstigen is a serpentine mountain road in Rauma, Norway. It is a popular tourist attraction due to its steep incline of 9% and eleven hairpin bends up a steep mountain side. Trollstigen was opened for public on July 31, 1936. During the top tourist season a minimum of 7,000 vehicles pass daily. This road is narrow and leaves very few possibilities for vehicles to pass each other. But it's all worth it if you get to the top of the mountain...

Rank 9: The Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

The Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

   The Overseas Highway runs from island to island across 42 bridges southwest through Florida Keys. The highway is mostly over water and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the ocean and of course, the incredible sunrises and sunsets if you are there at the right time. Everyone would love to stay on this road as long as possible.

  Besides the natural beauty along the route, tidal flats and teal waters dotted by distant...

Rank 10: Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

   The Atlantic Ocean Road or the Atlantic Road is an 8.3-kilometer (5.2 miles) long section of County Road 64 which runs through an archipelago in Eide and Averøy in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. The fixed link passes by Hustadvika, an unsheltered part of the Norwegian Sea, connecting the island of Averøy with the mainland and Romsdalshalvøya peninsula.
Atlantic Road is a part of the...